Google Ads for Law Firms

More and more legal practices recognise the immense potential of online advertising to reach a wider audience and attract potential clients. At Kinetic Traffic, we can help you leverage the power of Google Ads for law firms to build brand awareness, increase online visibility, and drive highly qualified traffic and leads to your website and physical office.

With Kinetic, you can leverage our Google Ads expertise to boost your caseload

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is a prominent online advertising platform developed by the search giant. It allows businesses, including law firms, to create and run advertisements on Google and its vast network of partner apps and websites.

With the internet becoming an integral part of modern society, legal service consumers are increasingly turning to the web to find legal assistance. Law firms like yours need to establish a solid online presence to stay competitive in a crowded and fast-paced market.

At Kinetic Traffic, our team of law firm AdWords specialists will draw upon years of marketing knowledge and expertise to increase your traffic and case enquiries.

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Unlock Your Firm’s Potential with Google Ads for Lawyers

The UK legal service sector is widely known to be highly competitive. You will need all the help you can get to ensure the continued growth and success of your legal practice.

Google Ads can provide you with the competitive edge you need to remain one step ahead. It gives you access to:

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Increased reach and visibility

Google Ads allows you to extend your reach far beyond the confines of your local area. Targeting specific demographics, interests, and geographical locations will enable you to connect with potential clients who may not have encountered your legal services otherwise.

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Enhanced cost-effectiveness

Compared to billboards, radio and TV ads, promoting your law firm on Google can be more cost-effective. You have the flexibility to set your budget and pay only when someone interacts with your ads. This ensures your marketing funds are efficiently utilised.

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Laser-focused targeting capabilities

With Google Ads for lawyers, you can customise your target audience based on several factors, including keywords, location, device, and even time of day. This level of precision targeting ensures that your ads will reach individuals with genuine legal needs, increasing the likelihood of enquiries.

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Data-driven insights

Similar to most online advertising platforms, Google Ads offers robust analytics tools that provide valuable data and insights into your campaign performance. This allows you to optimise your strategies continually, ensuring your ads reach the right audience and deliver positive outcomes.

Results You Can Get in Just About 5 Months


Increase in Product and Services Enquiry


Increase in Google Search Result Visibility


Increase in Number of Newsletter Sign Up


Increase in Conversion Rate

Let Our Google Ads Experts Lead Your Law Firm to Success!

Google Ads offers a diverse range of campaign options catering to the unique marketing needs of law firms. Each campaign type leverages various ad formats and targeting methods to reach specific audiences and achieve different marketing objectives. However, mastering them is impossible, especially for legal professionals like you with a tight schedule.

At Kinetic Traffic, our team of digital marketing specialists will help you explore and take advantage of the key campaign options available within Google Ads. We will work tirelessly to ensure you will effectively utilise these law firm AdWords campaigns to strengthen your online marketing efforts, paving the way for success!

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Enjoy positive results, fast

In the world of digital marketing, PPC advertising is known for delivering rapid outcomes and Google Ads is no different. This allows us to promptly launch new marketing initiatives and time-sensitive promotions. Furthermore, we can make essential adjustments in real-time to ensure that your Google Ads campaigns generate the precise results you desire.

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Craft captivating ads

To captivate your target audience, you will need compelling ads. However, Google Ads’ character restrictions can pose a significant challenge. Fortunately, our proficient PPC team is ready to take on this challenge and shoulder this responsibility. You can rely on us to create powerful ad content highly optimised with your chosen keywords.

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Focus your time and effort on your legal practice

With our team at your side, you can breathe more easily. We will assume the responsibility of overseeing all Google Ads-related tasks, allowing you to direct your undivided attention towards your law firm’s core business operations and exceptional client service.

How much will Google Adwords services cost?

How much will each advert click cost?

It will depend on your target audience and the popularity of your focus keywords. We can provide a better click cost estimate once we know more about your target market.

What is the minimum Google Ads spend I can expect every month?

We recommend a minimum £500 monthly click budget plus £300 management fee.

What is the average monthly spending for Google Ads?

Your average monthly spend will depend on a number of factors, such as your goals and target market. Kindly contact our team so we can discuss this matter in more detail.

How much will it cost me?

As our service fees are adaptable, our fee percentage decreases when your monthly click budget increases. Please get in touch with us so we can explore the best option for your legal practice.

To whom should I pay my click spend?

Your payments will be sent directly to advertising systems such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads/Ad Centre to ensure you remain in control. We will also charge you predefined service fees that we determine based on your click spend to help you stay on top of your monthly ad expenses.

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Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Kinetic’s Complete Google Ads Service Package

At Kinetic Traffic, we share your commitment to providing exceptional services to ensure our clients’ success. This is why we offer a comprehensive full-service package designed to help you leverage Google Ads’ reach and maximise its potential to drive your legal practice towards success.

As your chosen digital marketing agency, we will take the following steps to develop and optimise Google Ads campaigns and deliver results that will help elevate your law firm to the next level.

Keyword research and analysis

Keyword research is the key to a successful Google Ads campaign, or any online marketing campaign for that matter. We will start yours with comprehensive keyword research based on the online queries people use to find professional legal services. We will also perform extensive analysis to identify the short-tail and long-tail keywords that are the best match for your campaign and divide them into different ad groups, such as broad match, exact match, and phrase match.

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Ad content creation

Our expert content writers will develop powerful AdWords ads that entice your target audience into clicking and taking your desired conversion action.

A/B split tests

A/B split tests are also included in our to-do list. This will help us determine the best headline, ad content, and landing page combinations, ensuring your legal services are promoted efficiently.

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Campaign positioning

Our team will work hard to ensure strategic positions for your ads on Google to boost traffic and exposure.

Target leads by location

If needed, we will set your law firm AdWords campaign to target audiences based on location. This can help you attract highly qualified traffic and leads, which is particularly useful when attracting clients from specific areas or regions.

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Negative Keywords

To ensure a high Quality Score for your ads and prevent them from appearing for irrelevant searches, we will incorporate negative keywords into your campaigns. This will help minimise irrelevant ad clicks while keeping your marketing expenses low.

Tracking conversions

With Google Ads, continuous monitoring is crucial for your success. That said, we will keep an eye on your campaigns, tracking conversions to identify the best search terms while making the necessary adjustments to boost your conversion rate and reduce ad spending.

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Also known as remarketing, retargeting is a powerful Google Ads strategy that allows your law firm to re-engage users who have visited your website previously but did not take your desired conversion action, such as contacting your practice or submitting a form. It can also help you stay within your prospects’ consciousness and convince them to revisit your site.

Display Network Advertising

By leveraging Google’s massive display network, your law firm can enjoy increased web visibility and exposure. We will create a Display Network advertising strategy that allows your prospects to see your ads while browsing Google’s partner sites or using apps. This will help you stay visible and relevant even when your target audience is not on your website.

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Experience Cost-Effective Google Ads Management with Kinetic

Drawing from a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years, our accomplished team at Kinetic has become well-versed in the art of running highly effective Google Ads campaigns. We pride ourselves on efficient budget management, ensuring you avoid unnecessary expenses while implementing advanced strategies to elevate the quality of your ads.

With our expert guidance, your law firm can achieve outstanding results and optimise your AdWords budget to its full potential. Our data-driven approach, paired with constant monitoring and adjustment, guarantees that your investment is utilised to its maximum capacity, delivering the best possible outcomes for your legal practice.

Stay on Top of Your Google Ads Campaigns

At Kinetic Traffic, we want to keep you well informed about the ongoing progress of your Google Ads campaigns. This is why you will have complete access to the PPC system we use, ensuring that you remain updated. This means you can log into your account at your convenience, giving you a firsthand view of your campaign performance.

To further maintain transparency, our team will send you comprehensive monthly reports. We also do monthly calls for updates and reporting. We understand that your preferences may vary, so if you require more frequent updates or adjustments to reporting intervals, we are more than willing to tailor our approach to your specific needs. Our dedicated account managers will be on hand to provide you with insights and information essential for making well-informed decisions regarding your Google Ads campaigns.

30% of Google searches are service related

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google Ads really help me attract potential clients?

With Google as the most popular and widely used search engine globally, leveraging its advertising platform to promote your legal services is an effective way to reach potential clients. Law firm AdWords can be a great starting point for your online marketing efforts, and it’s suitable for urgent campaigns. It is also flexible, allowing you to switch to or combine it with another strategy to achieve better results.

Do you only work with prominent law firms with big marketing budgets?

No matter how big your marketing budget and law firm are, our team can provide the required PPC solutions. For a minimum click budget of £500 and £300 management fee every month, we can develop an effective strategy suited to your needs. Contact us so we can discuss your options in great detail.

How soon can we start?

At Kinetic Traffic, our approach is to work with a limited number of new clients each month. This allows us to focus on their needs, ensuring an efficient and thorough process without keeping them waiting. We encourage you to contact us and check our availability as soon as possible to obtain our services. The sooner we get in touch, the more time we’ll have to complete preliminary tasks and provide helpful recommendations before we get started.

Should I worry about other law firms clicking on my ads?

There’s no need to worry about other firms clicking on your ads as Google carefully analyses the click source for your campaigns. This ensures the search giant only charges you for bona fide clicks.

86% use Google to find local businesses

Find the Clients You Want with Google Ads

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