Google Ads for Lawyers

Did you know that more people in the UK are turning to search engines to obtain legal services? This means your next client is likely to find you through Google! This makes it a priority to be easily discoverable by potential clients.  Why don’t you consider giving them a nudge in the right direction with the help of Google Ads for lawyers?

At Kinetic Traffic, developing effective and cost-efficient  Service Ads campaigns

Google Adwords, now known as Google Ads, is the search giant’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. It is a potent tool for attracting the type of clients your law firm wants. We at Kinetic have developed an effective and cost-efficient local Service Ads management campaign to help solicitors generate highly qualified leads and enjoy a more significant return on investment.

If you’re having a hard time attracting the right potential clients for your law practice, worry no more. Our team of highly experienced Google Ads management experts will be there to offer you the online marketing solutions you need to grow and succeed!

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Why Google Ads for Lawyers?

The legal service industry is undoubtedly one of the UK’s toughest and most competitive sectors. Lawyers need to use every tool in the box to ensure a steady stream of new clients while successfully fending off the competition and emerging as the winner. 

Google advertising gives you the boost you need to set yourself apart from the competition. It allows you to:

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Enjoy greater online visibility

Getting found on top of Google Ad search results can do wonders for your marketing efforts. It places you exactly where your prospects are looking, allowing you to attract potential clients ready to sign up for your law firm’s services.

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Create laser-focused marketing campaigns

With Google advertising, you can target the type of prospects your law firm wants with highly relevant keywords and laser-focused marketing campaigns that would bring you a greater return on investment.

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Keep your marketing costs at a minimum

Some law firms use traditional methods of advertising to promote their services. However, you need to spend a significant amount of money and wait a long period to obtain reasonable results. On the other hand, you can keep your Ad marketing expenses low while enjoying quicker results with the right Google Ads management campaigns.

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Compete with bigger law firms

Unlike billboards or TV ads, you don’t need a sizable marketing budget to start successfully promoting your law practice with Google Ads. Because this paid advertising platform helps level the playing field, you can compete and even trump bigger and more prominent law firms with a well-crafted Google Ads campaign.

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Attract more prospects

Showing up on top of Google as sponsored search results can help you generate highly targeted traffic to your law firm’s website. And the more web visitors you get, the better your chances of bringing in new cases.

Results You Can Get in Just About 5 Months


Increase in Product and Services Enquiry


Increase in Google Search Result Visibility


Increase in Number of Newsletter Sign Up


Increase in Conversion Rate

Let the Google AdWords Specialists Show You the Way

Similar to many online marketing strategies, Google ads for lawyers has a steep learning curve. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop the skills needed to create an effective and profitable campaign. Therefore, if you want to continue practising law and helping people without distractions, you should let the Google Ads specialists handle your firm’s online marketing efforts.

With Kinetic, you can enjoy the benefits of having a fully functioning Google Ads campaign without having to learn PPC for lawyers from scratch. Our team of dedicated and hard-working Ads experts, who have over 15 years of PPC experience, will equip you with the Ad solutions you need to get your name out there and attract as many potential clients as possible.

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See excellent results fast

PPC ads work fast, and tests will show you that. With how quickly Service Ads work, we can kick start new campaigns and urgent promotions and carry out the necessary improvements without delay to deliver the broad match or exact match results you’re looking for.

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Create powerful ads

Your target audience must find what they want in your service ads. However, with Google Ads’ limited character count, this can prove to be a challenge. Good thing you don’t have to deal with it anymore because we’ll be happy to take this task off your hands. You can count on our PPC Ads team to create a compelling ad copy optimised with your focus keywords.

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Focus on running your law firm

With us, you need not worry about splitting your attention between running your legal practice and managing a Google advertising campaign. We’ll handle all the PPC marketing-related tasks on your behalf so you can focus on running your business and assisting your clients.

How much will Google Adwords services cost?

What will each advert click cost?
The click cost will be depending on your target market and popularity of the keyword.  After getting enough details about your market, we can give you an idea on the cost.
What minimum spend can I expect for PPC every month?
Your minimum monthly spend will be only £110 (our fees included but excluding taxes).
What is the average spend for PPC each month?

Your monthly spend will be depending on a number of factors such as what your goals are and your target market.

But for a small to medium sized business, the average monthly PPC spend for a competitive market is between £1,500 and £4,500 per month.

What will it cost me?

Our fees are adaptable.  The percentage of fees we receive decreases as the monthly click budget increase.  We will explain to you the best options to make the most of your investment

Who do I pay my click spend to?

You will be giving your payment directly to advertising systems like Google Adwords and Bing Ads/AdCentre.  We prefer this so that you are in control.  We charge you with predefined service fees that we calculate based on click spend so that you know the cost every month.

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Enjoy the Complete PPC Package at Kinetic

As a lawyer, you know how crucial it is to exert your 100% to increase your chances of winning your client’s case. Because a simple misstep or missing a small detail about the case can be detrimental to your client’s success, you’re more than willing to go all out to obtain the results that you want.

At Kinetic, we also believe in doing our best for our client’s sake. This is why we offer a complete service package to ensure that your firm will take full advantage of the opportunities Service Ads can provide.  

Our team will take the following steps to provide you with effective and budget-wise PPC campaigns that would give your online marketing efforts a huge boost:

Keyword research and analysis

We firmly believe that every online marketing campaign should begin with keyword research to make your ad copy more effective. As such, we will conduct extensive keyword research to seek the search terms people are using to find legal services online. Then we will perform a thorough analysis to identify the ones that would fit your campaign best. We can then divide the relevant short tail and long tail keywords into several ad groups – broad match, exact match and phrase match.

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Ad content creation

Our team will ensure that your ad copy contains powerful and compelling messages that will entice your target audience to click and take your desired conversion action.

A/B split tests

As part of our services, we’ll also perform A/B split tests to identify the most effective strategy for promoting your services on Google. This way, we can ensure that your campaign only has the best performing Services Ads.

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Campaign positioning

Besides their content, the positioning of your ads is also crucial to your campaign’s success. Therefore, we’ll use our skills and expertise to ensure that your ads will be placed in the most strategic position on Google.

Target leads by location

If your goal is to attract potential clients from a specific city or region, we will set up your campaign to target users by location. This will drive the most relevant traffic to your law firm’s website.

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Negative Keywords

Our team will also utilise negative keywords in your campaigns to ensure that your Google Services Ads will not show up for irrelevant keywords. This will help minimise your marketing expenses and prevent people who are not looking for your specific legal services from clicking on your ads.

Tracking conversions

Similar to SEO for Lawyers, a Google Ads campaign is a work in progress. This online marketing strategy requires constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your ad campaigns will stay effective and competitive. 

As part of our Ads solutions, we will monitor conversions to identify the right keywords that work best. This will help you generate more conversions while reducing your ad spending.

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Not all people who visit your site for the first time will immediately sign up for your services. Some of them would require a bit more time to think before committing themselves. 

Retargeting is an effective way to recapture your prospects’ attention. With this strategy, you can reach out to previous web visitors by showing them messages about the services they have seen on your site. You should also consider providing new information using ad extensions. 

Display Network Advertising

At Kinetic, we can help you benefit from Google’s massive display network, including thousands of websites and apps such as YouTube and Gmail. We’ll create a Display Network advertising strategy that will let your prospects see your search ads while they browse different websites and use apps. This will help ensure that you will stay on their mind even if they are currently not on your site.

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Is Running a Google Services Ads Campaign for Law Firms Expensive?

If you’re a PPC novice and you don’t have a good strategy in place, your expenses can quickly pile up. Also, you will need to create quality ads and a matching landing page every time to make the most of each click your ads will receive. 

Having Google Services Ads specialists in your corner can make a considerable difference to your Google Ads spending. Having mastered the intricacies of running PPC campaigns and with relevant experience of over ten years, our team at Kinetic will ensure that you won’t have to spend more than you have to. We’ll use advanced strategies to improve your ads’ quality score. With our expert assistance, we can help your firm obtain the best possible results while fully maximising your Ads budget.

Enjoy Reliable and Consistent Google Ads Solutions

As a lawyer, you know better than anyone how being steadfast and consistent can help you deliver the kind of legal assistance your clients need. At Kinetic, we assure you that we can demonstrate the same level of consistency and dedication your law practice is known for when you enlist our services. 

As part of our Google Services Ads solutions, we will carefully monitor your PPC campaigns and show continuous improvements in their results to keep them competitive and cost-effective. To give you an idea, here’s a sneak peek of our task list and what you can expect from our team every month: 

  • Search for and identify profitable advertising opportunities.
  • Create relevant and compelling ads.
  • Perform keyword targeting, analysis, and optimisation.
  • Conduct click-through rate, keyword bidding, cost per click, budget, conversion tracking, and quality score monitoring to ensure you will receive the least expensive click prices possible. 

Besides the constant ad monitoring and improvements, we’ll also make sure that you stay informed about the status of your campaigns. You will have full access to the PPC system we use so you can log on to your account and see for yourself how your campaigns are faring. 

Our team will also send you monthly updates. But if you need us to update you more frequently, we’ll be happy to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your needs.

30% of Google searches are products or services related...

Reach the most relevant audience by showing up on top of Google searches with Adwords sponsored Ads.

FAQ’s for PPC

Is PPC a great way to attract my target customers?
Google is the most widely used search browser in almost everywhere.  PPC is very popular among many businesses nowadays.  It can be used for urgent campaigns to start with and then change to something else later.  This type of advertising is very flexible and have many good benefits for your business.
Do you only work with big companies with big marketing budget?
Of course not.  We have been working with different business types, large or small.  Multinational companies or start-ups, we can formulate a great strategy for your marketing needs.  You may even start with a monthly budget of  £110.  Let us explain you more about what options you have.
When can we get to work?
We work with one client each month. This is important so that we can go through the processes and not keep our clients waiting. Give us a call to check for our availability. There is a lot to do before kick-off so the earlier we get in touch the sooner we can give you our recommendations.
Should I worry about my competitors clicking on my ads?
They won’t.  Google uses a really complicated system to analyse the click source for your campaigns and makes sure to charge only for clicks that have gone through their filters.  Your competitor’s clicks can be identified and ignored.
How long have you been doing PPC?
Our team of experts all have more than 10 years of experience.  This much experience is important because PPC is complicated and ever changing so we only hire those who are highly skilled.
When do we get your reports/update about our campaigns?
We will be sending your reports every month, but if you will require us to update you more often, we are willing to adjust to whatever suits you.
What search engines have PPC advertising and how do I choose the one that is good for my business?
There are currently 2 search engines that are ideal for PPC advertising.  The more popular one is Google which holds 75% of global searches so there are many PPC advertisers who are more keen to put their ads up here.  Second is Bing which holds 10% of the market and has a cheaper cost per click.  We mostly work on these search engines because they are getting the most traffic.  If you are considering any other search engine then feel free to discuss it with us.
What if we have a PPC campaign with another agency? What should we do if we are going to switch to you?
It is important that you share the reports and other related information to us from your previous PPC agency.  These will be very useful for us in creating your new campaigns.  Mostly, older campaigns are not up to our standards so we tend to use these old data to gain insights and then proceed with a brand new start to get best results.
Who do we communicate our concerns with?
We know how important communication is so you will be provided with an account manager whom you can communicate with, ask questions and help you with every step of the way.
What is the contract duration?
You will be in  a no obligation monthly contract.  We understand that change is inevitable so we are not going ask you for any commitment.  You just need to provide a 30 day notice if you choose to stop working with us.
I think nobody clicks on Google Ads so why should I do it?
Google and Bing sponsored ads get a lot of clicks for users who are actually looking for you, they actually gain around 20% of the UK searches each month.  The good news is that these ads are highly targeted therefore bringing you only visitors who has a particular need for your products or services.   If you are not yet doing PPC then you are missing out on this opportunity.
How does Google Adwords work?
It works like a bidding system.  There will be a bid for the keywords to show the ads on search results when these keywords are used.  However it’s not like a regular auction where the highest bidder wins.  The advertisers who have the best quality campaigns in terms of relevance and organisation.  Because of this it is important that the campaigns are handled by a specialist agency like Recruitment Traffic.  If you settle for less, you are wasting your precious click budget and click opportunities.
How can I check on the status of my campaigns?
You will have full access to all advertising system we use.  You can log in to check the status of your campaign anytime.  We will be sending regular monthly reports that has information on the most relevant campaign performance details.
Why do we need continuous PPC management and optimisation?
Because this is the most cost effective.  PPC campaigns should be carefully monitored.  We aim to show continuous improvements with the results.  To give you an idea, here’s a list of what we will do each month:

  1. Look for advertising opportunities
  2. Create adverts.
  3. Keyword targeting, analysis and optimisation.
  4. Click through rate, cost per click, budget and quality score monitoring to help you receive the cheapest possible click prices.
  5. Continuous monitoring of click through rate, cost per click, budget and quality score so we can help you get the cheapest click prices.

86% use Google to find local businesses

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With the right strategy, Google Services Ads can drive highly targeted leads to your law firm’s landing page. It can help you get your name out in front of a wider audience, allowing you to attract potential clients ready to enlist your legal services. 

Start driving superior-quality traffic and leads to your site to ensure the growth and success of your law practice! At Kinetic, our team of highly experienced Google Ads specialists can offer you the expert solutions you need to get the results you want. Book a free consultation today.

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