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If you’re struggling to attract new clients for your legal practice, perhaps it’s time for you to sign up for the services of a law firm marketing agency. With expert assistance, you can develop digital marketing campaigns and strategies guaranteed to get your name out there and help you pique the interest of prospective clients.

At Kinetic Traffic, we specialise in providing online marketing solutions for UK law firms

With over a decade of relevant experience, we have the knowledge and skills to help you create a solid brand that would help you generate a steady stream of highly qualified leads to your practice. We also have a team of dedicated and hard-working law firm digital marketing specialists ready to lend you their expertise.

Whether you’re looking to increase your phone and email enquiries or generate more visits both to your law firm’s website and physical office, you can count on our digital agency to equip you with the solutions you need!

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Why Invest in Law Firm Marketing

It’s no secret that the legal service sector is one of the most competitive industries in the UK. Lawyers and barristers across the country utilise a wide range of strategies to prove they are the best and ensure that clients flock their way.
Today, the Internet is their stage, and digital marketing is their weapon of choice. As legal service clients become more technology and Internet-savvy, lawyers are exploring new marketing tactics to set themselves apart from the competition effectively. For this reason, investing in law firm marketing is a must for your legal practice so you can level the playing field.
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Help your prospects find you online

Various studies confirm the growing number of people using the Internet to find lawyers they can trust. Showing up on the first page of Google and other major search engines allows you to place your law firm exactly where your prospects are looking.

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Attract the kind of clients you want

Unlike traditional advertising methods, digital marketing strategies such as SEO and pay-per-click or PPC advertising are laser-focused. They let you target the kind of clients you want to allow for better and more substantial conversions.
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Make the most of Google's reach

With Google taking up more than 90% of the search market, there’s a significant chance that your next client will find you through the search engine. Having a website that dominates Google’s search result pages allows you to benefit from the search giant’s massive reach.

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Enjoy a huge boost to your credibility

It’s an unfortunate truth that solicitors don’t always have stellar reputations. However, the good news is you can give your credibility a significant boost with digital marketing.
Through your Google My Business listing, previous clients can review your services and tell your prospects how different you are from the rest. With your former clients putting in a good word for you, your prospects would feel more at ease enlisting your legal services.
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Obtain more clients

Appearing prominently on Google search result pages enables you to generate more visits to your law firm’s website and even your actual law office. This offers you plenty of opportunities to interact with potential clients. And the more times you interact with them, the more likely you are to bring in new cases.

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Reduce your marketing expenses

These days, only a handful of law firms still rely on old-school methods to promote their services. A vast majority of solicitors have switched to digital marketing, and for good reason. With legal marketing, you can attract highly qualified prospects ready to enlist your legal services for a fraction of the cost of advertising on the radio, TV, or billboards.

Results You Can Get in Just About 5 Months


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Increase in Number of Newsletter Sign Up


Increase in Conversion Rate

Choose the Law Firm Marketing Specialists

Some lawyers think having a website is enough to attract a substantial number of leads. However, with millions of websites existing today and thousands more being created each day, having a highly effective online marketing strategy is also crucial.

However, see that your strategy is not just an ordinary legal marketing tactic. To ensure quality results, your digital approach should be tailored for your law firm’s specific needs and requirements.

At Kinetic Traffic, we specialise in providing law practices with bespoke digital marketing solutions to help ensure the growth and success of their legal practice. With over ten years of experience working with the legal service sector, we have developed a thorough knowledge and understanding of what works for law firms and what doesn’t.

Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t use a “generalist’s” approach to promoting legal services. Because the legal service sector is more competitive and wholly different from other UK industries, it makes perfect sense to develop marketing solutions that reflect the nature of the industry.

With Kinetic Traffic, you can:

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Obtain excellent results fast

Years of working with lawyers from across the UK has made us an expert at law firm marketing. With our expert assistance, you can obtain results and achieve your goals faster than law firms that don’t know how online marketing works.
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Get access to reliable online marketing solutions

Different factors go into developing and implementing an effective and holistic law firm marketing strategy. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything because we will handle all of them on your behalf. By choosing Kinetic Traffic, you can access effective digital marketing solutions under one roof, whether it’s optimising your website for search engines or building a lucrative Google Ads campaign.
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Focus on running your practice

With our professional assistance, you don’t have to split your time between running your law firm and promoting your services online. By hiring digital marketing agencies like us, you can focus on helping your clients and winning their cases.
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Our Strategy

Because no two law firms are entirely alike, your legal practice deserves an online marketing campaign built specifically to match your needs.

Planning our marketing approach

Before developing an overall marketing strategy for your practice, first, we will take a thorough look at your business to determine:

● The type of clients you want to attract
● The area/s of law you specialise in
● Areas you serve
● Your direct competitors
● Your current marketing campaigns and strategies
● Your goals

Afterwards, we will analyse your competitors to identify the techniques they use. We’ll reverse-engineer these techniques and use them to your advantage.

Thorough keyword research is also in order. This will help us identify the search terms your prospects are using to find the services you offer. Then, we will incorporate the results into our SEO and Google Ads strategy to ensure that your website and PPC ads will appear for related searches.

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Setting the standards

Following the initial research is an audit of your law firm’s website. This allows us to identify the issues that we need to fix and the improvements we need to make on your digital campaigns.

Refining your strategies

As part of our law firm marketing solutions, we will carry out all the necessary SEO strategies to improve your site’s online visibility and search ranking. We will also launch a Google Ads campaign or refine your existing campaigns if you have any to ensure they will complement your SEO efforts.

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30% of Google searches are products or services related...

Reach the most relevant audience by showing up on top of Google searches with Adwords sponsored Ads.

Teaming Up with the Right Marketing Agency is Crucial

As a lawyer, you know first-hand how vital it is to have the best legal team, especially when you have a challenging case. Hiring a novice lawyer won’t cut it because it can reduce your chance of achieving your desired results. Even if the case is yours to lose, you won’t risk your chance of winning by hiring an industry beginner or someone who doesn’t have the law specialisation you require.

The same thing can be said about choosing a full service marketing agency for your law firm. Because the results you’ll get will be as good as the team you’ll hire, it’s vital to choose a marketing firm with a track record for excellence.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a digital marketing agencies that are unfamiliar with the strategies that work best for your law firm. Instead, choose someone who knows the ins and outs of law firm marketing and has the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the results you want, like our team here at Kinetic Traffic!


Just as lawyers believe in the importance of transparency when handling a client’s case, our team at Kinetic Traffic also recognises how crucial it is to give our clients a 360 degree-view of their existing marketing campaigns. As part of our services, we will send you a monthly report providing you with a clear picture of your marketing campaign’s status. We’ll also keep you posted on the SEO and PPC advertising tasks we have carried out and what our plans are going forward.

This way, you can verify and see the effectiveness of our law firm marketing strategies for yourself.

86% use Google to find local businesses

Get in Touch with the Law Firm Specialists

With more legal clients relying on the Internet to find lawyers they can trust, a law firm like yours must have a solid online marketing strategy. By having effective tactics in place, you can better position yourself where your prospects are and attract new clients.

Kinetic Traffic is a digital agency with a team that specialise in crafting online marketing campaigns tailored specifically for legal practices. By working with law firm specialists like us, finding prospects ready to enlist your legal services is a breeze.

Contact us today for a free SEO audit for solicitors!

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