14 Dec, 2021

Marketing for Law Firms: The Best Strategies

Marketing For Law Firms The Best Strategies

Clients are the driving force of any legal practice. However, securing one is easier said than done. With the legal service industry being one of the most competitive sectors in the UK, solicitors must know how to effectively use marketing for law firms to set themselves apart from the competition and secure a steady stream of new clients. 

But with so many marketing strategies to choose from these days, what are the tactics that can give you positive results and a greater return on investment? 

Practical Tips on Attracting More Legal Clients

If you are keen on generating more leads to ensure the continuous growth and success of your law firm, here are several marketing strategies you should consider: 

1. Consider focusing on a specific area/s of law

It can be easy for people to underestimate the value of your expertise if they think that you’re a “one size fits all” kind of lawyer. Therefore, if possible, you should consider specialising in a specific area/s of law to make it easier for prospects to seek your services. 

Having a specialism helps simplify the process of promoting your legal expertise. Also, it helps increase the quality of leads you can generate, allowing you to attract prospects who are at the final stages of the sales funnel and ready to enlist your services. 

2. Strengthen your relationship with existing clients

While it’s essential to find new prospects for your law firms, nurturing your relationship with current clients is equally important. Word of mouth remains an indispensable marketing tool for solicitors since many people still rely on personal recommendations to find lawyers they can trust. Therefore, ensure that you continue to add value to existing client relationships to make the most of potential cross-referral opportunities. 

3. Create a website

Gone are the days when people scour the Yellow Pages for lawyers they could hire. Today, all they have to do is “Google” solicitors who can provide them with the legal assistance they require. That being said, a website is vital to the success of your marketing efforts. Whether you’re a long-time solicitor or establishing a new practice, a website can help spread the word about your law firm. 

However, merely having a website is not enough to pique your prospects’ attention. Your site should be developed and optimised correctly to produce substantial results. With so many websites clamouring for your target audience’s attention, designing and optimising it well for search engines would enable it to stand out more and obtain better Google rankings. 

4. Offer free information

Some lawyers think they should always get paid for every piece of legal advice or information they offer. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to provide your audience with free information online because it can help boost your reputation and credibility. It also allows you to showcase your knowledge and legal expertise. 

Furthermore, offering quality legal content can go a long way towards improving your site’s SEO. Publishing articles, white papers, infographics, videos, and other online assets regularly keeps your site fresh. The fresher your site is, the bigger your chance of receiving a better search ranking on Google. Also, it encourages other websites to link to yours. Either way, this can help increase your online authority and visibility. 

5. Establish trust through online reviews

It is a sad truth that solicitors don’t always have the best reputation. Therefore, what better way to build trust amongst your prospects than to let former clients champion your services? Online reviews give your law firm’s credibility and reputation a significant boost since other people are promoting your services on your behalf. Also, it enables you to stand out on both organic and paid search result pages. 

To capitalise on this form of marketing for law firms, you should claim and optimise your Google My Business (GMB) listing. This allows you to make the most of Google Maps and Google reviews. When prospects in nearby locations search for a lawyer, your GMB listing will display client reviews of your legal practice, including those from other sites that allow their reviews to appear on Google. The higher your rating and the more positive reviews you have, the more likely you will attract new clients. 

Also, ensure that you always ask satisfied clients to review your services once you are done assisting them. It helps to prepare in advance an email you can send to former clients to provide them with instructions on how to complete this task. 

Invest in Quality Marketing Strategies

With how competitive the UK legal service sector is, it pays well to invest in high-quality marketing strategies. It allows you to attract more clients, including those further into the sales funnel and ready to enlist your services. Therefore, consider the techniques discussed above to generate more traffic and leads for your law firm. 

If you require expert assistance when crafting and implementing marketing strategies for your legal practice, we at Kinetic Traffic can lend you our expertise. Our team specialises in law firm marketing and has the skills and experience to help you take your practice to the next level. Please get in touch with us today to get started!

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