SEO for Lawyers

Is the tough industry competition hindering you from getting access to the kind of clients you want?

Why don’t you fight back with SEO for lawyers? By harnessing the power of Google and other major search engines, you can generate high-quality traffic and leads to your law firm’s website to ensure a steady stream of potential clients that could help your legal practice grow and succeed.

At Kinetic Traffic, our team has the skills and experience to give your law firm a fighting chance.

Having worked with dozens of businesses and law firms in the past, we have mastered the intricate art of SEO for attorneys, lawyers, and solicitors. Our team of hardworking SEO specialists can help you develop an optimisation strategy that would enable you to position your firm in front of a broader target audience.

Do you want to receive more phone and email enquiries? Or perhaps you want to convince more prospects to visit your office? Whether you’re gunning for Option 1, Option 2, or both; we at Kinetic Traffic can offer you the law firm digital marketing you need to triumph over the competition and achieve your marketing and business goals.

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How You Can Benefit from Lawyer SEO

Recent studies have shown that most of today’s legal service consumers rely on search engines to find lawyers and barristers they can trust. Therefore, it is very likely that your next client will find you via Google’s organic search results. 

However, similar to the legal service industry, online competition amongst solicitors can be very stiff. It isn’t enough that your firm has its own website. It must also be optimised for search engines to give you the results you want. For this reason, SEO for law firms is a must.

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Increase your online visibility

Showing up on the first page of search engines such as Google allows you to establish better brand awareness and increase your organic traffic. More importantly, it places you exactly where your target audience is looking.

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Attract the type of clients you want

Search engine optimisation is the sniper rifle of law firm marketing. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards, radio and TV ads, it allows you to lock in and target precisely the types of clients you want, down to the organic search terms they are using to find legal services online.

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Benefit from Google’s massive reach

Did you know that nine out of ten people use Google to look for relevant information online? With the search titan dominating the online search market, having a website with a high Google ranking allows you to benefit from the organic search engine’s massive marketing reach.

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Build better credibility

No form of advertising is more credible than your former clients promoting your services on your behalf. With Google, you can make the most of client testimonials to boost your organic traffic, search ranking factors and reputation, allowing you to convince more prospective clients to trust you. 

Google lets your former clients review your firm through your Google Business Profile listing. If potential clients were to see five-star ratings and positive reviews from people you’ve helped in the past, they would be more inclined to enlist your legal services.

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Reduce your marketing costs

In the old days, law firms used radio and TV ads, direct mail, billboards, and other traditional advertising methods to promote their services. However, these strategies aren’t effective. Not to mention they can be quite expensive.

In comparison, local SEO for lawyers is more cost-effective. Furthermore, it can bring you quicker and more substantial results when carried out correctly. And perhaps the most significant advantage of local SEO is that the leads it can generate are highly targeted and of better quality. This means the prospects you are likely to attract are ready to enlist your services.

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Enhance your client intake

Appearing at the “local pack” or near the top of Google search results for the keywords you want to target allows you to generate more visits to your website or even your law firm’s location. This enables you to engage more potential clients. And the more prospects you get in contact with, the more cases you can potentially bring into your firm.

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Defeat the competition

It is no secret that the legal service industry is one of the UK’s toughest and most competitive sectors. You need to be on your toes all the time if you wish to outsmart your competitors. Local SEO gives you a significant advantage over the competition by making it easier for your prospects to find you.

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No more hard-selling

With search engine optimisation, you can finally say goodbye to hard-selling. Once potential clients land on law firm websites, all that is left to do is sign them up.

Results You Can Get in Just About 5 Months


Increase in Product and Services Enquiry


Increase in Google Search Result Visibility


Increase in Number of Newsletter Sign Up


Increase in Conversion Rate

Let Kinetic Traffic Show You the Way

Is law firm SEO important? Yes, since it can bring your law firm to greater heights. However, the challenge with SEO is that it is impossible to master it overnight. Not only does it have a steep learning curve, but you also need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort to obtain the results you’re expecting. 

Let’s admit it. It’s no easy task to run and manage a law firm full-time while juggling multiple legal cases. If you add SEO to the mix, there’s a chance that you might overlook essential aspects of managing your practice or your clients’ cases. Why take the risk when you can ask law firm SEO specialists like us here at Kinetic Traffic to provide you with the SEO solutions you require? 

At Kinetic Traffic, we offer bespoke lawyer SEO services to help law firms like yours maximise the opportunities Google and other major search engines can provide. We can equip you with the optimisation solutions you need to increase your website’s online presence, organic traffic, authority, and search engine rankings. 

With our team’s skills and expertise, you can:

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Get positive results, fast!

Working with various law firms and businesses allowed us to hone our skills and master law firm SEO. By signing up for our services, you can get positive results and achieve your business goals faster than law firms that aren’t familiar with SEO.

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Obtain the services you need under one roof

Similar to all marketing strategies, many factors contribute to a successful SEO campaign. With our team, you don’t have to figure out what these ranking factors are because we’ll be the ones to develop and implement them for you. From high quality content creation and link building to technical SEO and improving your site’s mobile-friendliness, we can provide you with all the solutions you require to build a powerful and effective law firm SEO strategy.

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Focus on winning your clients’ cases

As a lawyer, you certainly don’t want to spend most of your time tweaking your law firm website when you have plenty of cases to study and prepare for. With our team to handle your law firm’s technical SEO efforts, you can direct your energy and attention on what matters the most: running your firm and helping your clients win their cases.

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Your Law Firm is Unique and So Should Your SEO Strategy

At Kinetic Traffic, we don’t use cookie-cutter Search Engine Optimization to help our clients achieve their marketing and business goals. Even if law firms belong to the same industry, their needs and goals couldn’t be more different from each other. 

Because your firm is unlike the others, it needs a technical SEO strategy tailored to its specific needs and requirements. For this reason, we’ll make sure to provide you with online marketing solutions that are uniquely yours.

Strategy Planning

Thorough planning is a critical component of an effective lawyer SEO strategy. Therefore, the first thing we’ll do is evaluate your legal practice to gain a deeper insight into your: 

  • Ideal clients
  • Direct competitors
  • Existing marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Overall business goals

Afterwards, we will thoroughly analyse your competitors’ strategies to determine how we can reverse-engineer and use them to benefit your law firm.

Keyword research is also included in our priority list. It will help us identify the local search terms your prospects are using to find legal services similar to yours. Then, we will incorporate the results of our research into your SEO for law firm strategy to increase the likelihood of your website showing up on relevant local search results.

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Preparing your website for SEO

After the initial research, we’ll perform a site audit to identify the issues we need to work on. It will also help our SEO team verify the improvements we need to make your website more search engine-friendly.

Optimising Your Site

Once all the necessary preparations and preliminary work are complete, we’ll proceed with the optimisation of your law firm’s site. 

As part of our lawyer SEO services, we will implement all the necessary tactics to improve your online visibility and ranking on Google’s organic search results. Our strategies include but are not limited to keyword research, updating your blog (or creating one if you don’t have any), optimising your website’s on-site elements, and strengthening your online authority through link building and other off-site SEO tactics.

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Experience Complete Honesty and Transparency with Kinetic Traffic

As a lawyer, you know how dangerous and frustrating it can be when a client withholds information from you. You could lose your composure or even the case itself when the other party suddenly brings up a surprise witness or a piece of evidence against your client in court. 

With Kinetic Traffic, we can guarantee that unpleasant surprises won’t catch you off guard. Like you, our team believes in the importance of being transparent and upfront, particularly when it concerns SEO for lawyers. This is why we’ll always keep you updated about the status of your SEO campaign. We will regularly send you reports detailing your website’s performance and Google Business Profile, including its conversion rates, organic visits, and other essential metrics. 

Our team will also notify you of the SEO tasks we have completed and what our next steps will be going forward. Because we understand that results matter, we want you to be the first to know how much traffic and leads your law firm’s website is generating.

Be Sure to Choose the Right SEO Partner

As a lawyer, you are quite aware that a person’s choice of legal representation can either make or break their case. Hiring an inexperienced lawyer doesn’t usually bode well for those in a dire situation. On the same token, choosing the best in the field can significantly improve their chances of obtaining the justice they deserve, no matter how simple or challenging their case is. 

The same reasoning applies to SEO for attorneys, lawyers, and solicitors. Choosing an SEO provider who specialises in law firm SEO and has a proven track record for offering exceptional services, like our team here at Kinetic Traffic, will ensure that you’ll get the results you want. 

Don’t waste your time and hard-earned money on someone who has yet to learn the most suitable SEO for law firms. Instead, go for someone who can equip you with the solutions you require to defeat the competition and ensure the success of your legal practice.

86% use Google to find local businesses

Let the Law Firm SEO Specialists Help You Today!

With a growing number of legal service consumers who use the internet to find reliable and trustworthy law firms, you need to be exactly where your prospects are looking to ensure your SEO success. However, it isn’t enough that your legal practice has its own website. It should also be optimised for search engines to ensure a steady stream of high-quality traffic and leads. 

As someone who runs a law firm full-time and handles multiple legal cases daily, you don’t likely have enough time to spare for search engine optimisation. Furthermore, it’s impossible to master attorney SEO overnight. It requires a significant amount of time and effort to identify and implement the strategies that work well with your website. 

With Kinetic Traffic, you don’t have to worry about minor details. Our team specialises in providing SEO for law firms with the latest SEO solutions to help them take advantage of the many opportunities major search engines can offer. If you want to defeat the competition and bring in more clients to your law firm, we are primed and ready to lend you the expert assistance you need. Please get in touch with us for a free Search Engine Optimization audit for solicitors.

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