SEO for Solicitors

Did you know that your next client is likely to find you through search engine results pages? Why not consider speeding up the process by using SEO for solicitors?

At Kinetic Traffic, we can provide you with top-notch SEO strategy services that will make it easier for your prospects to find you online using most search engines

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Why SEO for Law Solicitors?

Gone are the days when a billboard or TV ad can attract you a client or two. Because most people are now using their smartphones and computers to find the products and services they need, it’s high time you switch your strategies to ensure the growth and success of your law practice.

Do you want to receive more phone calls or email enquiries? Perhaps you want more people visiting your law office personally? Whatever your goals may be, you can rely on our team at Kinetic Traffic to deliver the SEO for solicitors solutions you need.

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Enjoy greater visibility

Being in a cut-throat industry, it’s vital that prospects can easily find you online. Optimising your law firm’s website places your practice in a position where potential clients can quickly find you.

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Attract qualified leads

With SEO for solicitors, you can target the types of clients you want. You can increase the accuracy of your online marketing strategies, allowing you to attract visitors who have a higher chance of being converted into paying clients.

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Take advantage of the opportunities Google offers

Google has more than 90% share of the global search market. Optimising your law firm’s website allows you to make the most of the search giant’s massive reach and the numerous opportunities it provides.

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Improve your credibility and online authority

Former clients can review your services through your Google Business Profile page, benefitting your law firm in two significant ways. It makes your law practice more credible and trustworthy while helping boost your search rankings.

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Bring in more clients

Being visible on top of Google search engine results pages or “local pack” for your focus keywords enables you to drive more website traffic visits to your site and even to your actual office. The more interactions you have with potential clients, the more chances of bringing in new businesses to your law practice.

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Say goodbye to hard selling

With SEO for solicitors, there’s no need for hard selling. When a prospect looking for legal services finds you, all you need to do is sign them up!

Average results we achieve in Less Than 5 Months

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Improvement in Organic Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate

The Importance of Choosing the Right SEO Partner

As someone who champions their clients’ causes in court, you know full well how important it is to have the proper legal representation. Even if you have a strong case against someone who wronged you, there’s still a risk that you’ll lose on a technicality if the lawyer you hired is incompetent or inexperienced.

The same thing goes with choosing a Search Engine Optimisation partner. If an agency isn’t adept at SEO, law solicitors are less likely to obtain their expected results. Or worse, they might end up spending a lot of money only to receive a Google penalty because their SEO partner uses black hat strategies.

For this reason, you must choose your SEO partner well. Don’t waste your money on an agency that has yet to determine the best strategies for your law firm. Instead, hire someone who has a track record for producing quality results and meeting clients’ expectations, such as our team here at Kinetic Traffic.

See what we’ve achieved for law firms, just like yours….

Specialist Solicitor Practice

This specialist solicitor practice was referred to us by an existing client. They had worked with an agency previously but their technical SEO hadn’t worked as they had hoped and they wanted better results.

Multi Specialist Solicitor Practice

Our client came to us during a transitional period when they were expanding their practice to offer a range of specialisms.

Contract Law Specialists

When BEB came to us they were heavily reliant on referral traffic but they knew that this couldn’t continue to be their only method of attracting clients. However, they were unsure if Search Engine Optimisation was right for them because they had been burned in the past.

The Kinetic Traffic Advantage

You probably think that compared to passing the bar exams, SEO is just a piece of cake. That might be true. However, these days, you don’t have the luxury of time to learn the intricacies of technical SEO and implement the right strategies. You have clients to assist and a business to run. Finding the time to juggle these tasks can be quite a challenge for someone who already has a tight schedule.

At Kinetic Traffic, we are more than happy to take any SEO-related task off your hands. With someone else to optimise your site, you can focus on running your practice and doing what you do best: winning your clients’ cases.

What’s more, letting the technical SEO experts handle the optimisation process will ensure that you’ll get the results you’re expecting and more! With Kinetic Traffic, you can:

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Obtain results faster

Working with numerous law practices in the UK enabled us to develop our skills and knowledge of solicitor SEO. Letting us do all the work allows you to obtain results and achieve your goals faster than law firms that didn’t know Search Engine Optimisation.

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Have access to reliable SEO solutions

A good SEO strategy consists of various components, each working independently and in harmony with each other to increase your website’s search ranking and visibility. With Kinetic Traffic, you can make the most of our team’s SEO expertise, whether it’s keyword research, writing quality content, Google Business Profile, link building, or improving your site’s mobile friendliness and speed!

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Enjoy bigger savings

Billboards, TV spots and radio ads can cost a lot of money. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the same amount of returns on your investment. On the other hand, hiring us is significantly less expensive. We can help you generate more traffic and leads than using traditional advertising methods can.

How our SEO Process works

First, we will learn about how your business works and understand your specific needs.  

We have worked with many different businesses so we are sure to quickly get a grip of what SEO strategies will work for you.  We will make sure to understand your target market, top competitors, current marketing strategies and difficulties, and of course your goals.

We will do an analysis of your competitors to know the techniques that they use and reverse engineer and create a plan for us to achieve.

We provide a careful keyword research procedure that will get us the best keywords for us to use in our optimisation strategies.

To make sure that your website is setup for SEO is an important factor for success.

We will analyse your website’s content and code and we find issues, our team can provide all the help you need, but you can of course use your own team to work on the needed changes.

Most of the time, any website changes are only for Google to see, this helps provide them with the best content.

We will work on your website so that it will be trusted as the authority for your target keywords.

This is achieved by having high quality content within your website and other web properties.  This is a well known strategy that will make your website high up the search engine ranks.

We know that results is what really matters in the end.

As our SEO strategies are very effective, results are usually quick especially if your website never had any SEO work.  Every month, we will send a report with all the details like, live search rank, improvements, organic traffic, and other significant statistics.

Law Solicitors SEO, Kinetic Traffic Style

At Kinetic Traffic, we make sure to create tailored SEO solutions for your law firm. After all, even if they belong in the same industry, no two law practices are entirely alike. For this reason, you can count on us to create bespoke SEO strategies that will help you succeed.

Strategy Planning

The first step to developing your law firm’s SEO is to review your law practice and obtain as much information as we can about your:

  • Potential clients
  • Current marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Business goals

We’ll also analyse your direct competitors thoroughly to identify their strategies. Then, we’ll reverse-engineer them for your benefit.

Keyword research is a must, too! Every SEO for solicitors should start with keyword research. This will help us determine the search terms your target clients are using to find legal services online. We’ll incorporate these keywords into your SEO strategy to ensure that your site and Google Business Profile will appear for relevant queries.

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Prepping Your Site for SEO

Next, we’ll do an audit of your website. This will help us identify the issues we need to fix and the improvements your site requires to ensure it is SEO-ready.

Optimising Your Law Firm’s Website

Our team will employ a series of strategies to make finding you online easier for your prospects.

These tactics include keyword research, updating your blog (or creating one if you don’t have any), optimising your site’s on-page elements, strengthening your site’s online authority through link building and other offsite SEO strategies, and setting up a Google Business Profile listing and local directories, and appearing in Google Maps, amongst others.

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Keeping You Updated

Don’t you hate it when a client withholds information from you only for the opposing party to bring it up in court suddenly? Such an incident can derail your strategy and even cause you to lose the case.

At Kinetic Traffic, we hate being caught unaware, too. This is why you can expect us to be transparent with you every step of the way. We’ll send you monthly reports that detail the tasks we have completed, our plans for the next period, and your website’s performance to keep you informed and updated. Because results matter, we want you to be the first to know how much traffic and leads your website is attracting.

32% of your competitors…

don’t SEO optimise their website pages which means they are missing out on 85% of internet users
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Our No-risk Optimisation Promise

We take SEO seriously, that’s why  we have the confidence that our techniques will work!  We promise that you will have high Google rankings or organic traffic within the first 30 days or we will work until we do for free.

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Recent Client Results

At the end of the day it is only the results that count.

We are very proud of the results we deliver to our clients, our reputation is important to us, so we’ll only take on your project if we are confident we can provide you with the same market leading results.

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FAQ’s for SEO Services

Why should we choose you and not another SEO company?
We are not just any SEO company, we are experts in this field.  You will benefit from our many years of experience working with different types of businesses.  Our bespoke plan will be way more effective than the approach from other SEO company.

This many years of experience means we know:

  • The most suitable and the best search terms for your business.
  • The search terms that will be a waste of time and investment.
  • How tight the competition will be for your business goals.
  • The ins and out of your business therefore delivering what’s important
  • The perfect customer approach.
  • How to speak to your customers whether you are offering products or services.

When can we get to work?
We work with one client each month. This is important so that we can go through the processes and not keep our clients waiting. Give us a call to check for our availability. There is a lot to do before kick-off so the earlier we get in touch the sooner we can give you our recommendations.

Do I need to hire someone for my SEO?
Google has a lot of opportunities for your business and being visible will definitely help you grow. Our expertise will help open this opportunities for you.  It is very difficult to get ranked without getting help from specialists.  It’s too complicated and competitive to try and do it for yourself and expect results.  

How is SEO and PPC different and What should I choose for my business?
PPC ads are what you see as Sponsored Adverts showing on top of Google Search results page as well as the last four results at the bottom. The other results in between them are all organic SEO results. We would recommend that you use the power of both for your business. That will of course depend on how much is your budget, the volume of visits and, the urgency of your promotion. Talk to our team and we will explain and recommend the best approach for your business goals.

Can you adapt your strategies to my business’ sub-industry?
We have worked with several other businesses and have a long and proven experience several sectors. We do understand that each business belongs to different industries, therefore have different needs. To make sure that you take advantage of our skilled and proven approach,  we make sure to spend a lot of time in the first few weeks for researching, planning and building a strategy.

Is there a guarantee that we will be ranked No. 1 for a major search term?
There is NO guarantee for a No.1 position all the time, and we can assure that no one can give such assurance.  We can however give a guarantee of monthly rank improvement or gain organic traffic in just 30 days of working. Click to know more

How long should I wait to see SEO results?
The amount of time will vary with each client but we make sure to kickstart our services for new clients so they can see results and ROI sooner.  We cannot fast forward your website’s SEO but opt for slowly but surely game as this as well will give a result that  lasts.  

Even though it might take a few months in achieving to be on page 1 or the top 3 positions for your target keywords, you will already see organic traffic as well as improvements in your ranking on most month that we are doing the SEO.

What are the SEO work that you do?
We can do 100 percent of your SEO work.  We can work on every aspect of SEO you need, including content writing, improvements on your website, offsite content marketing – we can do it all for you.

When do we get reports on your work and how does it look like?
We will provide you with monthly SEO Reports that will show all website performance indicators such as live rank tracking, organic traffic, conversion and bounce rates. Also remember that you can always contact us if you have any questions.

What are your payment options?
We will charge you on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month and we can assure you that there are no hidden charges.

How will your SEO work adapt to our marketing efforts?
We are also marketing people and we know the importance of having synchronised marketing strategy, SEO is the same.  We will work with both in-house or third party marketing teams and we will let them know of the research and planning that we will do for your SEO.

What if we decide to terminate the contract?
We understand that change is inevitable so we are not going ask you for any 6 to 12 month commitment.  You will have the flexibility of allowing us a 30 day notice anytime if needed.

I read that these days good content can get us ranked so what do I need SEO for?
Getting ranked is much more complicated that just having great content.  Google have over 250 considerations when choosing who to rank for any search term.  As we are SEO specialists, we can make sure that your website, web pages and all other SEO signals are provide better ranking factors than others.

What’s the difference between Black and White Hat SEO?
These two are different SEO techniques.  White Hat SEO are SEO practices that are recommended because it uses strategies that are safe and Google recommended.  Black Hat SEO on the other is the opposite.  These are techniques that are dangerous and could get your website to trouble.  Google punishes websites who are found to be using these techniques.  It may be able to give good results at first but using this shortcut and can get your website penalised.

Is SEO a one-time service?
SEO is also a part of your marketing activities and you can achieve great results if you continue to develop it.  Also, with the continuous dominance of Google and the use of internet, your competitors will be the only ones taking advantage of this opportunity if they are doing SEO and you don’t.

How do you make sure that you are updated with the best practices from Google?
We have been providing great SEO results for the businesses we’ve been working with and with our continuous research and improvements, we can ensure that we are ahead.

Talk to the SEO Experts Today!

SEO is an excellent marketing solution for those who belong in a highly competitive industry, such as the legal service sector. Not only does it allow you to set yourself apart from the competition, but it can also help you bring in more clients to your practice.

Want to take your law firm to the next level? Let us help! Contact us today at Kinetic Traffic and get a FREE SEO audit for solicitors.

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