29 Jul, 2022

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Law Firms?

What Are The Benefits Of SEO For Law Firms

Whether a person is resolving a personal injury case, false accusation, or a dispute amongst family members, they will need a lawyer’s expert knowledge and assistance. While solicitors often relied on word of mouth and traditional marketing methods to reach out to these people, more and more legal experts are switching to digital marketing, most notably SEO. But what exactly are the benefits of SEO for law firms? Should you join the others and make the switch, too? 

Why It’s Time to Give Up Your Old Marketing Tactics

With the legal service sector being one of the most competitive industries in the UK, having an effective and sustainable marketing strategy is crucial. If you’re still relying on old-school marketing methods to find potential clients, here’s why you should consider doing away with them: 

  •  Although referrals still work, more and more legal consumers are searching for lawyers independently.
  •  A growing number of people use search engines to find legal counsel.
  • Legal service customers are getting more tech-savvy, particularly during the post-Covid era. Many use modern technology (e.g. video conference, secure client portal, online file-sharing, online payments) when interacting with their lawyers.
  • With over 60 million internet users in the UK, digital marketing is relatively more efficient and cost-effective than promoting your law firm on the radio, TV, newspaper, billboards, and other traditional advertising channels.

How SEO Can Benefit Your Law Firm

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of improving the positioning of your website on search result pages. It involves various strategies and best practices to make it easier for your target audience to find you online. The more visible you are, the easier it is to convince people to visit your website and eventually enlist your legal services. 

If you haven’t invested in SEO, now is the perfect time to do so. Here’s how search engine optimisation can help your legal practice. 

1. Reach the type of clients you want

Only a few marketing strategies allow you to target legal consumers who are actively looking for your services in your location or service areas with precision. Most advertising channels, most notably billboards, radio, TV, and even social media to some extent, simply let you promote your legal practice to just about anyone who will see your ads. 

With SEO, you can target keywords or search terms/phrases your prospects are using in their online queries to find law firms like yours. Furthermore, adding your location or the cities you serve can make your legal practice more relevant. This enables your website to appear prominently on Google for searches such as “divorce lawyer London” or “Northampton personal injury law”. 

2. Obtain a steady flow of organic traffic for months, or even years

As long as you are ranking well for the keywords you are targeting, you can access a steady flow of organic traffic for months or even years. This means you can attract new web visitors, potentially increasing your chance of having new clients without paying for expensive yet ineffective ads. 

However, you must have a good optimisation strategy to obtain one of the most significant benefits of SEO for law firms. This is why we encourage you to enlist the services of law firm SEO specialists, such as our team at Kinetic Traffic. With expert assistance, you need not learn SEO from scratch. You can implement effective strategies without splitting your time between running your law office and developing a robust SEO campaign. 

3. Enjoy better online visibility

Investing in SEO gives you a competitive advantage, particularly over law firms that aren’t doing it. It allows you to establish a better online presence, making you more likely to attract new clients. 

Furthermore, unlike marketing methods such as email or Social Media marketing, people need not know you and subscribe to your brand beforehand for you to reach out to them. By ranking for “unbranded” keywords, you can target prospects who have never encountered your legal practice. This is particularly advantageous if you have a new or smaller law firm. 

4. Improve your reputation

In an industry in which a stellar reputation is vital, having as much credibility as possible is crucial. Unfortunately, lawyers don’t always have the greatest reputation. But the good news is there’s SEO to help them create a better brand image and build trust amongst prospects. 

SEO is more than just incorporating the most relevant keywords into your web content. It also encourages you to cultivate quality relationships with your clients so they can leave you with favourable ratings and reviews. Client reviews and testimonials are a critical component of SEO. Besides helping you stay visible online, they also give your reputation a boost by assuring everyone that your legal practice is safe to do business with. 

It’s Time to Invest in SEO

As legal consumers become more tech-savvy, law firms must upgrade their marketing tactics to ensure they won’t get left behind. SEO provides your legal practice with a competitive advantage, allowing you to quickly reach out to individuals who require your legal expertise. This is why if you haven’t done it already, now is the best time to invest in SEO and give your existing marketing strategies a much-needed boost. 

SEO is more complicated than you think. And with your busy schedule, you likely don’t have the time and energy to determine which strategy works best for your law firm. Good thing Kinetic Traffic is there to provide you with the professional assistance you require. We specialise in law firm SEO to help you find more clients and ensure the growth of your practice. Please contact our team, and we’ll create a bespoke solution for you. 

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