15 Aug, 2022

How to Ensure You’ll Receive High-Quality SEO Services for Lawyers

How To Ensure You’ll Receive High-Quality SEO Services For Lawyers

With the stiff online competition for law firms, developing a solid SEO strategy is an excellent way to obtain a competitive advantage and attract potential clients. However, as with other online marketing strategies, it is impossible to master SEO overnight. Good thing optimisation specialists like us at Kinetic Traffic are always ready to lend a helping hand and provide SEO services for lawyers.

But how do you ensure you’ll receive quality services and obtain a greater return on investment when you hire an optimisation expert?

What to Do to Receive Outstanding Law Firm SEO Services

It is no secret that lawyers and solicitors have a lot on their plate. This is why it is more practical and cost-effective to delegate SEO and other online marketing tasks to specialists than do everything in-house.

However, it is unfortunate that not all SEO service providers are the same. It also doesn’t help that there are so-called “specialists” who just want to make quick money. As a lawyer, you know first-hand how important it is to perform due diligence and do your research well. This way, you can be sure that you’re hiring the right people for the job. Here are several practical tips to help ensure you’ll get access to effective and reliable law firm SEO services.

1. Communicate your needs

Communication is essential in any relationship, so make sure that you tell your SEO team precisely what you need. Outline your requirements and deadlines, and be as specific as possible. This will help the SEO specialists determine the scope of your project and know what they can expect.

When you first reach out to an SEO agency, try to provide them with a detailed description of your goals and requirements. It also helps to discuss the area/s of law you specialise in and the locations you serve. Ideally, the SEO agency will use the information you provide to create a proposal, which can help you gauge their skills and readiness to offer the solutions you need.

2. Look for a law firm SEO specialist

For best results, choose an SEO company that specialises in law firm SEO rather than general or standard SEO. Being in a cutthroat industry, such as the legal service sector, obtaining specialist services can give you a competitive advantage. Furthermore, it makes it easier for your legal practice to attract the type of clients you want.

Another advantage of hiring a law firm SEO specialist is that you’ll get access to bespoke SEO solutions designed specifically for your unique needs and requirements. This can help increase your chance of obtaining quicker and better results.

3. Always check client ratings and reviews

Thanks to customer reviews and testimonials, it is easier than ever to verify if it’s a good idea to do business with a particular company. A quick Google search will help you determine what former clients have to say about a specific SEO provider. As such, see that you do your research and check an SEO company’s website for client ratings and reviews before enlisting their services. If they were able to meet expectations in a timely and satisfactorily manner, it should be easy for their former clients to leave a positive word or two.

4. Determine their methods and strategies

A reputable law firm SEO agency should be able to discuss their approach to optimising a client’s website. Ideally, they should explain concisely and succinctly how they will optimise your law firm’s website and make it more search engine-friendly within a reasonable and realistic time frame.

It also helps to request a written proposal from the SEO agency. Besides outlining their methodology, the proposal should include the results of your site audit to highlight your website’s weaknesses and how the SEO agency can address them.

More importantly, ensure that the agency you want to hire is highly familiar and complies with Google’s webmaster guidelines. This will ensure that they only use white hat and Google-approved SEO strategies to minimise the risk of your website receiving a penalty.

5. Pay attention to the changes made to your law firm’s website

Making the necessary adjustments to your website is just part and parcel of SEO services for lawyers. These often include modifications to your site’s on-site elements, coding, page structure, and design, amongst others. While it is essential for the SEO specialists to make these changes, particularly if your website isn’t ranking well on Google, they should first discuss them with you before implementing anything.

Therefore, speak to your SEO specialists and determine why these changes are essential. If you think a particular strategy is unnecessary, let your SEO team know as soon as possible so they can develop a better alternative. As mentioned earlier, communication is crucial to any relationship. Ensuring that you communicate with your SEO team when needed is a simple yet effective way to obtain reliable optimisation solutions.

6. Discuss payment matters ASAP

You and your chosen SEO team should be on the same page regarding how much you want to inject into your law firm’s SEO campaign. As you may know, the cost of SEO services for lawyers hinges on several factors, including competition and the project’s scope and complexity. Conducting a bit of research and having a thorough discussion with your SEO provider should help you determine how big your SEO budget should be.

It also helps to clarify the SEO agency’s payment terms as soon as possible. Some SEO specialists get paid by the hour, while most are hired on a per project or retainer basis. Clarifying payment issues early on will help prevent misunderstanding with your SEO team and ensure they get paid on time.

Always Choose Your SEO Team Carefully

With how complex optimising your law firm’s website for search engines is, it certainly pays to enlist the services of SEO experts. You need not divide your time and attention between crafting an SEO strategy and running your legal practice. However, you should hire the right people to ensure you’ll receive high-quality services and an excellent return on your investment. Consider following the tips discussed above to get the results you’re looking for.

At Kinetic Traffic, we specialise in law firm SEO to help UK lawyers and solicitors establish a more substantial online presence so they can attract more clients. If you require the services of a reliable and hard-working SEO team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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