11 Oct, 2023

Why Law Firms Need Long-tail Keywords for Google Ads

Why Law Firms Need Long-tail Keywords for Google Ads

Potential clients are increasingly turning to online resources to find legal services. As a result, Google Ads have become a vital tool for your law firm to connect with your target audience effectively. 

However, success in Google Ads hinges on more than just setting up campaigns; it’s about strategically optimising them to reach your audience at the right time. One crucial aspect of this optimisation is the careful selection of keywords. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why your law firm should use long tail search keywords for your Google Ads campaigns and how these strategies can help improve your online presence and client acquisition efforts.

Google Ads enables your law firm to position your services at the forefront of search results as one of the first listings they see. This allows you to be easily discoverable by individuals or companies in need of legal assistance. 

Keyword selection lies at the heart of optimising Google Ads campaigns, dictating whether or not your firm’s ads are displayed to the right audience. This is where the concept of long-tail keywords comes into play. 

Long-tail keywords, which consist of longer and more specific phrases (compared to their broader, shorter counterparts), offer a unique avenue for your law firm to connect with users who have precise legal needs. By understanding the power of long-tail keywords and integrating them strategically, you can unlock substantial benefits in your advertising endeavours.

The Power of Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are highly specific search phrases that precisely capture a user’s intent. They offer a deeper level of context and relevance, allowing your firm to target potential clients seeking specialised legal services. 

For instance, while a short-tail keyword like “family lawyer” might cast a wide net, a long-tail keyword such as “divorce lawyer for child custody cases in London” hones in on a specific requirement, ensuring that the firm’s ad appears before users with that precise need.

Search Volume

Understanding the legal landscape is essential for realising the significance of long-tail keywords. The legal industry in the UK is characterised by fierce competition, with numerous law firms vying for the attention of potential clients.

The diverse array of legal services offered further emphasises the need for tailored keyword strategies. It’s essential to recognise the nuanced demands of clients seeking legal assistance – whether it’s immigration law, personal injury claims, or corporate legal services. This will help your firm to employ long-tail keywords to match those needs with pinpoint accuracy.

Benefits of Long-Tail Keywords for UK Law Firms

1. Enhanced Targeting

Long-tail keywords enable your law firm to zero in on specific legal services and specialities, allowing them to connect with clients who are seeking precisely what they offer.

2. Lower Competition and Cost-Effectiveness

Long tail keywords often have lower search volumes compared to short-tail keywords. This translates to reduced competition and cheaper clicks, making this one of the most cost-effective bidding strategies.

3. Improved Click-Through and Conversion Rates

The increased relevance of long-tail keywords results in higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates. Users are more likely to engage with ads that directly address their needs.

Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Research Strategies

Effective keyword research forms the bedrock of successful Google Ads campaigns. Your law firm will need comprehensive keyword research that involves identifying relevant long-tail keywords that align with your legal services and target audience. 

You can achieve this by utilising keyword research tools, such as Google’s integrated Keyword Planner, to uncover phrases that potential clients are actively using in their search queries. Additionally, incorporating location-based keywords, such as city or region names, ensures geo-targeting, enabling your law firm to reach users within your desired service areas. Analyse search volume, trends, and user intent to further refine your keyword list, ensuring a selection of terms that mirror the needs of your potential clients.

Google Keyword Planner

Creating Compelling Ad Copy with Long-Tail Keywords

Once the long-tail keywords are identified, the next step involves crafting ad copy that resonates with the needs of your potential clients. Ad headlines and descriptions should incorporate these keywords naturally, ensuring that the ads appear relevant and trustworthy against the search term you’re appearing for. 

Crafting compelling ad copy involves addressing pain points and presenting your firm’s unique selling points, showcasing expertise and the ability to solve specific legal challenges. By aligning ad content with users’ intent and demonstrating your firm’s capabilities, you can entice users to click on your ads and explore your services further.

Optimising Landing Pages for Conversions

The journey doesn’t end once users click on your ad; it continues within your landing page. Designing landing pages that align seamlessly with the ad’s intent and keywords is crucial. Landing page content should cater to the specific legal service highlighted in the ad, providing users with relevant information and building on the promises made in the ad copy. 

Clear calls-to-action (CTAs) guide users towards the next steps, whether it’s contacting your firm, scheduling a consultation, or exploring more about the legal service. A seamless transition from ad to landing page increases the likelihood of conversions.

Monitoring and Refining Campaigns

Even the most well-crafted campaigns require ongoing attention. Monitoring and analysing campaign performance is paramount for identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Google Ads provides integrated analytics, which can give you valuable insights into click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI). 

Regularly reviewing these metrics enables your law firm to make data-driven decisions, refining and optimising your campaigns over time. Whether it’s adjusting bidding strategies, tweaking ad copy, or refining keyword lists, continuous refinement ensures that your campaigns remain effective in a dynamic digital landscape.

Google Keyword Planner


Long-tail keywords offer your law firm an invaluable opportunity to stand out and thrive. By understanding the nuances of potential clients’ needs, leveraging the power of long-tail keywords, and optimising campaigns from ad copy to landing pages, you can effectively harness Google Ads. It’s a potent tool for client acquisition and business growth. Embracing the strategic use of long-tail keywords is not just a choice but a necessity for your law firm seeking to connect with your audience in a meaningful way and establish a strong digital presence in the competitive legal landscape.

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