6 Feb, 2022

Effective Strategies for Developing Web Content for Law Firms

Effective Strategies For Developing Web Content For Law Firms

More and more UK lawyers and solicitors are turning to law firm web content marketing, and for good reason! Quality web content enables lawyers to demonstrate their expertise and mastery of a specific area of law, allowing them to engage existing clients and attract new prospects effectively and efficiently. And since Google values high-quality web content, creating one for their target audience can also help solicitors establish better brand awareness and a more significant online presence. 

Web content can take your legal practice to greater heights when executed properly. However, it can have the opposite effect when done poorly. Instead of driving new clients into your firm, it may cause them to seek your competitors. 

For this reason, it’s essential to follow the best practices when creating web content for your law firm. At Kinetic Traffic, we have put together a quick guide to help you craft SEO-friendly content your target audience would find useful and valuable. 

Creating Client Personas

Because your goal is to attract as many prospects as possible, you’d want to build a content marketing strategy around client personas. To put it simply, a persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal client. 

It’s always an excellent idea to create at least one client persona for each service you offer, and the more specific the personas are, the better. The more you know who your target audience is, the easier it is to create content that would resonate with them. 

When creating client personas, you should consider your prospects’:

  • Demographics (their age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Personal background
  • Goals
  • Interests
  • Challenges and pain points about seeking legal services

Keyword and Topic Research

Now that you know who your ideal clients are, it’s time to determine what they are looking for online. Remember, your goal is to produce content that would help address their concerns and, at the same time, entice them into enlisting your services. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the topics that would interest your target audience and the keywords they are using to find the information they require. 

You can do this through keyword research, which is the process of identifying and analysing the search terms your prospects are using to find specific legal services. It provides a foundation for your content strategy, allowing you to gather enough content ideas for weeks or even months to come. Follow these steps to perform keyword research: 

1. List down keywords relevant to your law firm

Consider your client persona and ask yourself what search terms they would use to find you online. For instance, if you specialise in criminal law, they might use “criminal lawyer”. 

2. Come up with topics based on these keywords

Using your search terms, come up with several topics that could be relevant to them.

For example, using the keyword “criminal lawyer”, your target audience may be interested in reading about “How to find a reliable criminal lawyer”. 

3. Identify related keywords

After listing down your core keywords, the next step is to find their variations. Then, refine your list using SEO tools, such as Google Keyword Planner. Opt for keywords with a good search volume and lower competition for the best results. 

Content Creation

Now here comes the fun part: creating law firm web content. You can choose from various content types to attract your target audience and keep them engaged. They include:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

But regardless of your preferred content types, ensure that they are of high quality. They should resonate with your prospects to encourage them to hire you. To ensure the best results, you should consider the following content creation tips: 

1. Avoid legal jargon

Try to avoid using legal jargon as much as possible. Use simple or layman’s terms instead since most of your prospects aren’t familiar with the words you often use in the legal service industry. Not only will this make it easier to engage your audience, but it also gives the impression that you are approachable. 

2. Be careful when creating content

The legal service industry belongs to the Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) sector of websites, or those sites whose advice can significantly affect a client’s wellbeing. As a result, Google watches YMYL websites like a hawk and treats them with greater scrutiny. To avoid any potential problems with the search giant, you should always ensure that your web content is informative, accurate, and trustworthy. 

3. Always prioritise quality over quantity

When it comes to content marketing, quality always trumps quantity. A well-written and highly informative blog post is more valuable than a half a dozen fluff pieces. Therefore, if you want to attract more attention with your content, always strive to produce something that would give value to your target audience. 

4. Edit your content

Wrong spelling, missing punctuations, and glaring grammar mistakes can make you look unprofessional. Every time you create law firm web content, make it a habit to proofread and edit your work before publishing it to prevent such careless mistakes from hurting your image and reputation.

Content Promotion and Distribution

Help your prospects discover your content by distributing and promoting it. You can promote or share your blog posts on social media or by email. You can also use paid ads, such as Google Ads, to drive traffic to your web content. 

Always Craft Quality Content for Better Online Visibility and Authority

Creating quality content is a vital part of law firm marketing. Not only is it a key Google ranking factor, but good content allows you to demonstrate your legal authority and expertise. This enables you to build trust amongst your audience and increase your chances of converting them into leads or clients. 

Having an excellent content strategy is vital to the success and survival of your law firm. However, regularly creating quality blog posts, landing pages, and other online assets is easier said than done. If you don’t have the time to create valuable content for your law firm’s website, we at Kinetic Traffic are always happy to help. Please get in touch with our law firm SEO specialists, and we’ll create a content and SEO strategy tailored to your legal practice.

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