18 Jun, 2020

Top 7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Law Firms

digital marketing for law firms

Do you want to bring more clients into your law office? If your answer is “Yes”, then digital marketing for law firms should be a top priority. By using the massive reach of the Internet, you can attract more prospects and better convince them to sign up for your legal services. 

Why Consider Going Digital

A few years ago, people who needed a lawyer would check the Yellow Pages or ask family and friends for recommendations. These days, they can obtain the services they need by simply “Googling” law offices on their smartphone or computer. While personal recommendations remain a significant source of clients for UK law firms, there has been a considerable shift to using online resources when finding legal services. 

Because we live in an ever-changing world, knowing how to adapt is crucial to your success. Switching to digital marketing can open up doors for your law practice. It can provide you with many benefits such as: 

1. Stronger online presence and brand awareness

With the legal service industry being one of the most competitive, law firms need to create strong brand awareness. A strong brand makes you more memorable, which can help set you apart from the competition. And when you stand out, potential clients are more likely to choose you over other law firms. 

Digital marketing makes it easier for lawyers to stay visible online and build brand awareness. With 92% of adults in the UK using the Internet, creating better brand awareness and having a more substantial online presence allows you to attract more potential clients into your practice. 

2. More credibility

Content marketing is a vital part of digital marketing. It involves creating quality content, such as blogs, videos, ebooks, and infographics, that would help solve your audience’s problems. It’s also an effective strategy for improving your online visibility and search ranking. 

Besides helping you stay visible online, creating valuable content and sharing expert information allows you to create a good impression and demonstrate your skills as a lawyer. This enables you to build trust and gives your credibility a significant boost. If your prospects see that you can answer their questions and provide them with information that can help ease their situation, they would be more inclined to trust and subsequently hire you. 

3. Higher-quality leads

Having a thorough understanding of your audience is a vital ingredient of digital marketing for law firms. If you don’t know your prospects or what they want, your strategies won’t be as effective. This is why defining your target audience and creating buyer personas are some of the initial steps you need to take when creating a digital marketing strategy. 

Knowing your target audience well increases your chances of generating higher quality leads. Higher quality leads are a massive help to your law firm because they have a better chance of being converted into an actual client. Besides helping you attract better prospects, collecting market data also enables you to develop new campaigns to strengthen your online visibility further. 

4. More clients outside your location

Print ads and other traditional advertising methods are usually confined to a specific location. In comparison, online marketing platforms have a broader scope. They can help you reach prospects outside your area and even abroad. If you’re considering having more service areas, promoting your law firm online is a quick and efficient way to do it. 

5. Bigger savings

Digital marketing is significantly more economical than using traditional forms of advertising. You can reach a significant number of people for about half the amount of money you’ll spend on a billboard or a TV/radio ad. 

Also, digital marketing is more targeted than traditional advertising. While anyone can see billboards and magazines, newspaper, or TV ads, not all of them are interested in acquiring legal services. This can be a waste of money. 

With digital marketing, you can set up who will see your online ads or what kind of online queries your website will appear for. This ensures that every pound you spend on your digital marketing efforts is spent on attracting the type of clients you want. 

6. Improved reputation

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising, particularly in the legal service industry. Through this marketing method, many law firms found great success, which is why referrals and recommendations have remained an excellent source of leads for lawyers. 

Excellent digital marketing can also help spread the word about your practice by turning happy clients into walking and breathing advertisements for your future clientele. For instance, you can set up a Google My Business listing where former clients can review your legal services. When someone searches for your law firm, they will see all the glowing testimonials from your satisfied clients amongst the search results.

This would give your reputation a boost, helping convince prospects to enlist your services. 

7. Greater engagement

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing for law firms allows you to engage your prospects in real-time. You don’t have to wait for their responses to understand what they want and need from your law practice and plan your strategies accordingly. You can immediately chat with them and discuss how you can help. 

Engaging potential clients enables your law firm to stay competitive and relevant. Through digital marketing, you can answer your target audience’s questions, clear misconceptions, and even sign up a few clients, all in real-time. 

Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy Today

Switching to digital marketing can offer your law firm many benefits. It allows you to build brand awareness while reducing your marketing costs. It also helps ensure that your law practice stays relevant and competitive. As such, you should consider setting up a digital marketing strategy today if you want your law firm to grow and succeed. 

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