13 Feb, 2021

How Much Do SEO Services Cost for Lawyers?

How Much Do SEO Services Cost For Lawyers

With a growing number of people finding legal services through the Internet, lawyers would certainly benefit from having a solid SEO strategy. By dominating search results, you’ll have a better chance of attracting more prospects. But how much do SEO services cost for lawyers? And is it really worth it to seek professional help? 

Why Seek Professional SEO Services?

Some lawyers would like to take a DIY approach to SEO to save money. However, DIY SEO is not advisable for solicitors like you. For starters, search engine optimisation has a steep learning curve. You cannot easily master everything overnight. And with Google known for updating its search algorithm regularly, you have to study some more and adjust your strategies frequently to ensure that your site remains search engine-friendly. 

As someone who’s already busy handling your clients’ cases and running your law practice, adding SEO on top of everything else is close to a life sentence. It’s not good for your physical and mental well-being. If you’re juggling too many things at the same time, it won’t be long before you burn yourself out. 

Also, SEO is more than just incorporating the right keywords into your web content. It also has certain technical aspects that require the help of experts, like our team here at Kinetic Traffic. If you’re unable to make the necessary adjustments, you won’t be able to obtain the results you’re expecting despite the amount of time and effort you put into optimising your site. 

For these two simple reasons, you should seek professional SEO services. With expert help, you can focus on what you do best: providing your clients with quality legal services. At the same time, you can expect substantial results without spending a significant amount of time and effort. 

SEO Pricing Structure

Typically, SEO services are offered in three pricing structures. They are: 

1. Hourly rate

As the name implies, costs are calculated according to the time spent by the SEO professional or agency on optimising your site. Larger SEO agencies and digital marketing companies rarely offer their services on an hourly basis. However, most SEO freelancers and independent contractors prefer this pricing structure. 

2. Monthly retainer

Most sizable SEO companies, such as Kinetic Traffic, offer their services using this pricing structure. Under this cost structure, you can retain an agency’s services and have them perform SEO on your law firm’s site on an ongoing basis for a specific price per month. 

Most law firms obtain SEO services on a monthly retainer basis, which is actually a good thing. Since SEO is more of a “marathon” than a “sprint”, retaining the services of an SEO specialist allows you to build upon your current position, obtain better stability and achieve higher search rankings as your practice grows. 

3. Per project

At times an SEO company will quote a fixed price rather than a monthly amount. But before they do, they will have to discuss the scope and extent of the project based on the SEO goals and industry positioning you want to achieve. 

How Much Do You Need to Spend on SEO?

When choosing SEO services, you’ll notice that most SEO agencies in the UK employ either the “monthly retainer” or the “per project” pricing structure. One reason is that it is much easier to measure key performance indicators in these pricing strategies. It gives you a clearer picture of where your website is at, SEO-wise. That being said, let’s see what the average SEO services cost for lawyers is. 

Cheap SEO – Starts at £500 per month

Cheap SEO usually includes content marketing solutions and basic onsite SEO recommendations. It is suitable for law firms that want to create better web content for their audience. 

While the price may tempt law offices into seeking cheap SEO, experts agree that the cheapest is not always the best. More often than not, digital marketing agencies offering their services at a rate significantly lower than the prevailing price do not have the experience or expertise to live up to their promises and fulfil your expectations. It’s also possible that they may cut corners or resort to black-hat SEO, which can hurt your website and law practice. 

Medium to low competition SEO – Starts at £2,000 per project/month

Compared to cheap SEO, mid-level SEO is considerably more effective and reliable. Services include fixing existing problems with your law firm’s website, optimising your site’s architecture, and improving content for SEO purposes. 

At the upper end of mid-range SEO, usually costing around £4,000 to £6,000 per project, your chosen agency may provide your law office with a more advanced content marketing strategy. This generally includes setting up a blog and creating unique content for your website. The SEO agency will also update the content of existing web pages to help them rank better for specific keywords and obtain quality backlinks. 

Besides content marketing, some SEO agencies may also perform digital PR on your behalf. As part of this service, they will help you build links through content outreach and promote your site and services on social media. Because of these particular characteristics, mid-level SEO is ideal for national law firms with niche locations or expertise. 

High-end SEO – Starts at £7,000 per project or £5,000 monthly

The services offered under high-end SEO are quite comprehensive, making them suitable for national law firms and legal practices that specialise in highly competitive areas, such as personal injury. They typically consist of those mentioned under mid-level SEO plus extras. Besides search, PR, social media, and content marketing, an SEO agency will also fix existing technical SEO issues and improve your site’s user experience and lead nurturing, amongst others. 

If you go for high-end SEO, you may receive a long-term plan from your chosen service provider. Generally, long-term SEO plans can last for up to a year or more and are geared towards meeting your law office’s individual SEO needs and goals. 

The added pounds may discourage many law firms from seeking high-end SEO services. However, such high SEO services cost for lawyers can provide you with the tools you need to outperform the competition. 

Choose Your SEO Budget Wisely

Regardless of your needs and budget, you can obtain the SEO services you need to help your law firm establish a more robust online presence. However, you mustn’t hire someone based on price alone. It would be best if you also considered other factors, such as the agency’s skills and expertise, to ensure that you’ll receive a better return on investment. 

Are you looking for SEO services that will give you high-quality results? We can help! Specialising in law firm SEO, our team at Kinetic Traffic has the skills and experience needed to provide your legal practice with bespoke SEO solutions that would help you dominate search rankings. Get in touch with us today!

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