27 Sep, 2023

Measuring the SEO Effectiveness of Your Law Firm’s Website

Measuring the effectiveness of your law firms seo campaign

In today’s digital landscape, where online visibility can make or break a business, law firms increasingly recognise the importance of search engine optimisation or SEO. A well-executed SEO campaign can significantly enhance your online presence, help you attract more potential clients, and ultimately drive growth. However, implementing a sound strategy is only the first step. Measuring SEO effectiveness is also crucial to ensure your law firm’s investment yields fruitful results.

How to Determine If Your SEO Campaign is Working

If you’re like most law professionals, it’s likely that you are highly competitive and thrive on success. Naturally, this extends to your SEO endeavours. Whether you have enlisted the services of law firm SEO specialists, such as our team at Kinetic Traffic, or taken a DIY approach to optimising your site, you’d want to ensure your efforts are paying off.

To determine if your SEO campaign is producing your target results, you will need to track several metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs). But before you get started, you must set clear, measurable goals for your SEO strategies and ensure these goals match your business objectives.

You will also need to establish reasonable expectations for your SEO campaign. Note that SEO success isn’t something that happens overnight. As it is more of a marathon than a sprint, you must be patient and monitor your progress over time.

Essential Metrics for SEO Success

To ensure success with law firm SEO, you’d want to see an upward trend with the following KPIs.

1. Conversions

A conversion basically refers to the total number of web visitors taking your desired action. It can be anything from joining your mailing list and filling out a form to booking a consultation and hiring your legal services.

You can use tools such as Google Analytics or SEMRush to monitor conversions. Then, you will need to determine the pages you want to track and define your conversion goal. Once you have the requisite data, you can calculate your conversion rate by specifying a period. Then, divide the number of visitors the page received for that particular period by the number of people who took your target conversion action.



2. Visit-to-lead ratio

To attract more potential clients, you’d want people to leave you their contact details, not just visit your law firm’s website. Therefore, you should track your visit-to-lead ratio to determine if your SEO campaign is working as expected. 

A visit-to-lead ratio measures the number of people who visited your site in proportion to the number of leads (phone/email enquiries or form submissions) it generated. If you have significantly more web visitors than leads, it can indicate that your current SEO campaign needs a few adjustments.

3. Organic traffic

You should also look at your organic traffic when measuring SEO effectiveness. As the name implies, organic traffic is all the web traffic you generate from unpaid sources, such as search engines, referral sites, direct searches, and social media. For instance, when a potential client visits your site via a search engine result, that will count as organic traffic. 

You can gain plenty of insights by examining your website’s organic traffic. With the right analytics tool, you can identify which keywords drive users to your site, where your web visitors come from, and how they interact with you once they land on your website, amongst other critical information.


4. Keyword ranking

Keyword ranking refers to the placement of your website or webpage in search result pages for a particular query. A high keyword or search ranking is crucial to your online visibility. The higher your positioning in search engine results, the easier for your prospects to find you online.

Appearing prominently on search result pages also enables you to generate more organic traffic. A Backlinko study showed that the top Google result has an average click-through rate of 27.6%. It is also ten times more likely to receive a click than the #10 result.

5. Domain authority

Domain authority measures your website’s overall strength and relevance in Google’s eyes. The higher your domain authority is, the more likely you will receive better search rankings. Furthermore, it sends a signal to other people and websites that you’re a reliable source of legal information, giving your online reputation and credibility a boost. 

Try to build high-quality backlinks to grow your domain authority. Also, see that you track changes in your domain authority over time, as it can help you create a better SEO strategy and increase your online visibility.

Domain Authority

What to Do If You Don’t Have the Time to Monitor Your Website’s Progress 

As a lawyer, it is understandable that you already have enough on your plate. With your hectic schedule, measuring SEO effectiveness is probably amongst the least of your concerns. This is why it is a good thing that law firm SEO specialists like us at Kinetic Traffic are more than willing to take on this task on your behalf. 

By seeking expert help, you can focus on running your legal practice and winning your client’s cases. At the same time, you can determine if your SEO campaign is on the right track or if you need to make the appropriate changes to produce better results.

Always Keep Track of Your SEO Strategies 

Measuring the effectiveness of your law firm’s SEO campaign is crucial for ensuring your marketing efforts yield the desired results. By tracking key performance indicators, you can gauge the success of your optimisation strategies and make informed decisions on how to improve them. 

As a busy lawyer, you may not have the time or expertise to monitor your website’s progress closely. That’s where law firm SEO specialists like us at Kinetic Traffic can assist. Get in touch with us, and our experienced SEO team will provide you with the marketing solutions you require.

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