20 Apr, 2020

PPC Marketing for Law Firms: 4 Easy Tips for Attracting More Clients

PPC Marketing For Law Firms 4 Easy Tips For Attracting More Clients

PPC marketing for law firms is a great option to consider if you seek more clients for your law office. With many people turning to online sources to find the products or services they need, making the most of pay-per-click or PPC advertising can be an effective way to supplement your existing marketing efforts and reach a wider audience. 

However, PPC advertising for lawyers is not without challenges. Law-related keywords are known for being expensive. Research showed that “lawyer” and “solicitor” are amongst the most expensive keywords on Bing Ads, which is usually cheaper than Google Ads. While it is necessary to spend money to make money, you can easily deplete your budget if you’re not careful with your bidding strategy. 

Another roadblock you might encounter is the stiff competition. When keywords are quite pricey, a lot of people are likely bidding on them. And the more people bid on these keywords, the more expensive they become. 

How to Attract More Clients with PPC Marketing

Despite these challenges, PPC remains a powerful tool for enhancing your law firm’s online visibility and driving high-quality traffic and leads to your site. So how do you overcome these roadblocks to attract new clients into your law practice? 

Set yourself apart from the competition

With how competitive law PPC is, you’ll need to know how to stand out from the rest. Start by researching your competitors. Use relevant keywords to identify the ads that would show up for those searches. Then, take notes and learn from their example. Identify the areas where you can improve your own ads. 

Consider the following strategies to obtain better results: 

  • Always end your ads with a relevant call to action that would encourage your readers to act immediately.
  • Make the most of ad extensions to take advantage of as much available space on search result pages as possible. The highly recommended ones include the location, review, call, sitelink, and callout extensions.
  • Emphasise what makes your law firm better than the others. For example, if you offer a free consultation, ensure that your PPC ads highlight this particular detail.

Ensure that you’re targeting the right location

Google Ads location targeting

Although this is a basic tip, you might be surprised to learn that many law firms target the wrong locations. Because not many clients are willing to travel far to visit your law office personally, it’s essential that you know the local geography. 

Here are some important reminders to consider: 

  • Study your location carefully to determine where to run your PPC campaign.
  • If you serve multiple locations, you should create a separate campaign for each of them. This will help increase your ads’ accuracy and relevancy.
  • Check your Bing or Google Ads settings to confirm that you’re targeting the correct locations. As tinkering with your PPC platform’s settings can be confusing, particularly if you are a beginner, it would help to enlist the services of PPC experts, like us here at Kinetic.

Add videos to your landing pages

landing page video

Here’s another nifty tip to obtain excellent results from PPC marketing for law firms. People who are looking for lawyers usually feel lost and vulnerable because of their legal troubles. This is why they want to ensure that the lawyer they hire is someone they can trust and rely on. Because solicitors often get a bad reputation, you should make it easier for prospects to trust your law firm. You can do this by adding videos to your landing pages. 

For example, you can get in front of the camera and explain your services without being too “sales-y”. It will be easier to create an excellent first impression if your audience can see your face. Furthermore, it adds a personal touch to your landing pages. 

 You can also do video testimonials. Video testimonials are a great help to lawyers as they let their prospects see other people who were once in a similar situation. This can help build trust and convince them that you’re competent and trustworthy. 

Set Up a PPC Campaign Today

While PPC for lawyers may be fraught with certain challenges, it remains an effective marketing tool for attracting new clients and ensuring the growth of your law practice. Just be sure to use the right strategies to achieve better results and obtain a greater return on your investment. 

Also, it certainly helps to seek expert assistance. With the help of PPC specialists like us here at Kinetic Traffic, you can meet your goals and avoid spending more money than you have to. Our team can develop a PPC campaign tailored for your needs. Please get in touch with us today! 

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